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Trodat Printy Stamps

For at home and on the move

The Original Printy 4.0 doesn't just impress with its appealing design - it is also climate-neutral. As standard. In comparison with the previous model, up to 49%* CO2 is saved during manufacture. The residual, unavoidable CO2 footprint is compensated by investment in Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by the WWF®.

Trodat Professional Stamps

For the Office

The Professional is the ideal stamp for daily office use. It guarantees clean, precise imprints. For years it has stood for reliability and professionalism. Accurate workmanship and high quality materials make it an enduring champion in the Trodat product range.
From 2013, All Trodat Professional models are Climate Neutral, as Standard - protecting our environment and the climate going forward.

Trodat Embossers

A Personal Seal of Approval

Their high quality and durability make Trodat Ideal Seal Presses the world's leaders. They're a favorite with notaries, corporations, engineers, and government officials, guaranteeing clean impressions with minimal effort. Whether it is a company logo, a private address or something creative: there are no limits to the number of applications of the Trodat Ideal Seal Press.

Trodat Multi-Color

Impresses with many colours

Trodat Multi Color Impression is an innovative and unique stamp solution with which individual, multicoloured stamp impressions can be realised. So for the first time, you can display colourful symbols or design your logo in colour. Multi Color stamp impressions from Trodat are as colorful as life. That's why they're the stars of the stamp world and the professional world has honored them with several prizes.

Trodat Mobile Printy

Take it with you

The Mobile Printy, with unique single-hand operation, is the simplest, most stable, and cleanest pocket stamp ever. Its modern design underlines the innovative functionality and makes it a practical, attractive accessory on the move. That's also why the Trodat Mobile Printy was selected product of the year for the second time in 2009.

Trodat Auto Numberers

Automatic numbering

Numbering machines from Trodat are ideal for automatic labelling or document numbering. They offer numerous different functions. They are available with either metal or plastic frames. With Trodat's numbering machines, your document identification is automated to the maximum - you only need to stamp. Trodat numbering machines deliver clean prints all the time and provide different functions for different types of numbering.

Noris Inks

Stamp pad and marking Inks

Through their innovative R&D Laboratory Noris-Color offers a wide range of ink products for diverse applications. Excellent quality controls ensure that our inks meet customer requirements and comply with all necessary regulations and standards. Office stamp inks, Industrial marking inks, Food packaging inks, Fiber, pen inks, Stamp pads

Trodat Ultimark Stamps

Thousands of precise, clean imprints

With pre-inked stamps, the stamp's ink is already integrated in the text plate. Thus no separate ink cartridge is necessary. You get thousands of precise, clean imprints—and re-inking is quite easy. In addition, pre-inked stamps are especially popular for large imprints, because the stamp is relatively small despite the large imprint area. Ultimark pre-inked models are suitable for production of pre-inked stamps with Flash technology.

Trodat Utypia

Order Stamps Online

For more than a decade Trodat has offered its dealers software under the name 'uTypia' for the sale of stamps on the Internet. An in-house team of competent employees successfully concerns itself with uTypia's operation and continued development. Meanwhile, over five hundred dealers worldwide have successfully implemented the solution.