Trodat Multi Colour



The new generation offers even more flexibility:
Since its launch at Paperworld in Frankfurt 2 years ago, the Trodat Multi Color Impression System (MCI) has been set up for the production of individual multicolour stamps in more than 50 countries. At this year’s Paperworld 2007, the new generation of MCI was first introduced.

Multi Color Impression as a whole has been and remains a significant key feature for Trodat – both in marketing and in technical development.

More colours and easy colour change: 15 stamp colours to choose from

A big step in technological development was presented in Frankfurt at Paperworld 2007. The new generation of the system developed jointly by Trodat and Trotec provides the highest level of flexibility during colour change: Easy colour change without the cleaning stage. The four colour tanks and inking nozzles can be changed without any cleaning at all, using just a few hand movements and no tools. There are a total of 15 different MCI stamp colours available.

This new generation is now ready for production (in the fourth quarter of 2007) – with further improved software support for the multicoloured stamp design. The Multi Color Impression Module has been significantly updated in the software fields for uTypia Internet Shops and Trotec Jobcontrol for lasers – there is now automated help for distance control and exact placing of the logo. The minimum colour field has also been made even smaller. This provides further flexibility for the individual stamp design using Multi Color Impression.

The latest version of MCI Check now includes a new function for error optimisation. This makes ordering multicoloured stamps significantly easier.

The new generation of Trodat Multi Color Impression offers in summary:
• Simple colour change
• Colour change without cleaning stage
• Automatic support for all MCI colours
• Huge reduction in minimum colour field
• MCI option for high performance lasers
• Equipment upgrades for existing MCO laser systems

Trodat Multi Colour - Sample Impressions