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Engraving Laminates

We stock a fantastic range of Rotary and Laser Laminates



TroLase is an UV-resistant acrylic based laminate for both indoor and outdoor applications. The thin top layer makes detailed engraving possible at high production speeds. Processing creates minimal residue, which reduces the need for cleaning and consequently processing times.

TroLase Metallic Plus and TroLase Metallic

TroLase Metallic is an acrylic based laminate with an authentic metallic finish. The thin surface layer metal look allows finest engraving at high production speeds.

TroLase Metallic Plus

features a special surface coating that makes the material UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

TroLase Reverse

TroLase Reverse consists of transparent acrylic glass with a coloured coating on the back. By mirror engraving the image on the back, the coloured layer is removed during the engraving process and the material becomes transparent in these places. Use acrylic paint to inlay the engraved back and a coloured engraving is created. The smooth surface allows for easy cleaning.


TroGlass is a transparent, extruded acrylic with a coloured coating on the back. By mirror engraving the back and inlaying the engraved areas with colour an elegant finish is created. Light effects can be achieved with lighting.

TroLase ADA Signage

TroLase ADA Signage is a single-layer, dyed, acrylic based material. It is ideal for functional signage in indoor and outdoor areas, for cutting out letters or for creating 3 dimensional signs by mounting cut-out shapes on a base plate. In addition, it is an ideal material for Braille signs.

TroLase Thins

TroLase Thins are thinner and more flexible than traditional engraving materials. As a result, it is particularly suited to applications on curved surfaces. The thin surface coating allows detailed engraving at high production speeds. The acrylic based material is available in matt colours as well as shiny and brushed metal finishes.

TroLase Textures

TroLase Textures are two-layer acrylic based materials, suitable for applications in demanding environments, where extra durability and scratch resistance are required. The textured, matt surface is non-reflective, durable and easy to clean. TroLase Textures is UV- and weather resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

TroLase Lights

TroLase Lights are highly flexible and robust films with an adhesive coating on the back, which can be laser engraved. The self-adhesive film adheres perfectly to various materials such as metals, plastic, rubber and wood and makes it a popular material in industry and commerce.

Laser Flex

LaserFlex is a transparent film for customising textiles. The laser will produce the finest details with intricate motifs. Once the motif has been engraved and cut on the laser unit, the design is applied to the textiles using a transfer press. LaserFlex is characterised by good opacity and high elasticity.


TroPly feature a thin surface coating, which allows for intricate details and fast engraving without shading effects. The reflection free surface allows clear and easy to read designs to be created of the very finest engraved images.

TroPly Metallic

TroPly Metallic is characterised by a precious metal look and is ideal for detailed engraving with clear contrast as well fast and cost efficient processing. TroPly Metallic Plus features a special protective layer, which is particularly resistant to scratches and wear.

TroPly Satins

TroPly Satins are available in a large range of colours, in glossy/brushed finishes. The solid top layer provides increased protection against scratches or abrasion. Specially designed for indoor use, where a warm appearance in combination with durability and resistance is required.

TroPly Ultra

TroPly Ultra is a UV stable laminate for indoor and outdoor applications in a matt, reflection-free finish. The deeper top layer provides increased protection against damage and makes TroPly Ultra the preferred material for use in harsh environments.

TroPly Ultra Reverse

TroPly Ultra Reverse of transparent acrylic glass with a coating on the back. A transparent image is created by engraving the coloured back. This engraving can then be filled with colours. The protective transparent acrylic glass in combination with the relatively deep coloured layer on the reverse makes TroPly Ultra Reverse resistant to adverse external influences and easy to clean.

TroPly HiGloss

TroPly HiGloss is a UV-resistant laminate with a high-gloss surface for indoor and outdoor use. A thick top layer provides extra protection and resistance to scratches and abrasion. The material consists of modified acrylic and is therefore suitable for laser cutting.

TroPly HiGloss Reverse

TroPly HiGloss Reverse is polished to a high gloss finish and can be marked on the back, thus creating high quality signage products. The material has some UV stability and is weather-proof and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. A 3D effect can be achieved by using an appropriate milling cutter. The material is therefore ideal for backlighting.